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Partnership program

Great opportunity for everyone to earn with us!

Earn $16-$25 from one decal, simply reselling our decals.

Get a good, steady income, spending minimum of time and effort.

How it works:

  • Choose any decal you like on our website (there are about 20,000 unique designs);
  • Copy them and just put them on sale on any resource (online auctions Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Overstock, private advertisements, your personal websites etc);
  • Accept payments for the decals you sold to your account;
  • After that, enter the partnership program on our website, buy the decal with almost 50% discount and leave us the address of your buyer;
  • We will ship the decal directly to your buyer within 32 hours and will leave you the tracking number;
  • The money left (from $16 to $25 from one decal) you will leave by yourself. Thus, you will earn good money without leaving your home and you will not have to spend much time and effort for it!

You can buy any wall decal (standard size 22 "X 35"), which costs about $31 on other websites, only for $15 in our partnership program; your profit will be $16 from one decal.

A hood decal (standard size 22" X 35"), which is usually available at $38, can be bought for $20; your profit will be $18 from one decal.

Car side decal (standard size 22" X 70"; the set includes 2 Graphic decals for each side of vehicle), which costs $75, is available in our partnership programme at $50; your profit will be $25 from one order.

Thus, our regular partners are selling from 5 to 10, 20 or even 40 decals a day and earn decent money, without leaving their homes.

About 20 partners are already successfully cooperating with us, earning a good income! At first, this program will allow you to earn additional money and then it will bring you your major profit!

Here you can see how many decals our partners are selling:

On eBay:

Partner: cronaldo724

Here you can see the sales volumes in the dollar terms:

Here are buyers’ feedbacks (as a rule, only 25%-35% of all buyers leave feedbacks)

Partner: nata_dee

The screenshot of sales:

Here are buyers’ feedbacks

Partner: annaabbasi

Partner: avmusin2

Partner: olam

Partner: tatiana_zlobina

Partner: nata_dee

On Etsy

Partner: SuperVinylDecal

On Amazon

Partner: VSgraphics

Just try it and you will make sure that it is really profitable and easy!

You don't risk anything, because you don't have to invest any money or spend much effort.

Got interested?

How does it work? Every stage in detail:

Step 1. Selection of stickers for sale:

We are the largest shop of vinyl decals on the Internet. Our website represents about 20,000 unique decal designs (created over the past 8 years). New decal designs are constantly being added.

All stickers on our website are divided into three types:

  • Wall Stickers (price $30.99 per sticker) (with a standard size of 22 "X 35 ").
  • Stickers on the hood of a vehicle (price $ 37.99 per sticker) (with a standard size of 22 "X 35 ").
  • Stickers on the side of the vehicle (price $ 74.99 dollars per set) (size 22 "X 70 " and this set includes 2 Graphic decals (one for each side of the vehicle).

On our website, you can choose any stickers, which you think may interest your customers. Use our search to find stickers on any subject.

Step 2. Saving selected stickers on your computer:

After selecting a particular sticker, go and click on the image to enlarge the picture or use the «Click to enlarge» button. Right-click on the enlarged image and select "Save as", then select the location on your computer where you want to save the image. When saving, name the image exactly how the title of the original product sounds, for example: Ferrari Logo Wall Art Sticker Decal Mural Vinyl T632.jpg and click save.

Note that each our sticker has a unique code at the end of its name, by which it is identified. In our example, this code is T632. It is important that you mention the code in the title when saving the image.

Step 3. Putting selected stickers on sale:

You can sell our stickers on any resource on the Internet (Online Auctions on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Overstock, blogs, your personal websites or any other stores you wish) or any other way without using the Internet.

When you create a listing and put stickers on sale, use the image that you downloaded from our site.

Also add a picture with a palette of colors of vinyl, which shows all the possible the colors for the sticker. Download palette

When creating the listing, you can use our keywords (sticker name from our website or the title of the image as you saved it on your computer).

You can change the name (keywords) of a sticker, but it is essential that you add the unique code into it's title when creating the listing.

For example, when creating stickers Ferrari Logo Wall Art Sticker Decal Mural Vinyl T632, the code must be transferred to your listing, so that after the sale, you could easily find the sticker your sold on our website.

You can also copy the description of any sticker from our website, or you may change or complete it the way you like.

Step 4. Sizes, Price, Shipping


We are selling stickers in their universal size, which is suitable for 95% of customers.

  • Stickers on the wall are 22 "X 35" or 56cmx90cm.
  • Stickers on the hood are 22 "X 35" or 56cmx90cm.
  • Stickers on the side of a vehicle come in size of 22 "X 70 " or 56cmx178cm and this set includes 2 Graphic decals (one for each side of Vehicle).

If the buyer requests a different size of a sticker, please contact us ASAP for pricing and details and we will try to make the necessary size to satisfy your customer.


Our recommended prices, at which you can sell stickers in any possible way:

  • Stickers on the wall: $ 27 - $ 30.
  • Stickers on the hood: $ 35 - $ 38.
  • Stickers on a vehicle side (this set includes 2 Graphic decals (one for each side of Vehicle): $ 75.

At your option, you can sell at prices above or below the abovementioned ones.

Fixed prices, at which you can buy the stickers from us while participating in the partner program:

  • Any sticker on the wall: $ 15.
  • Stickers on the hood: $ 20.
  • Stickers on the side of a vehicle (this set includes 2 Graphic decals (one for each side of Vehicle): $ 50.


We send stickers within 32 hours after receiving the receipt of an order.

  • Shipment to the USA costs $ 5. We use USPS Priority Mail. All orders are shipped within 2-3 business days.
  • Shipment to Canada is $ 10. We use USPS Standard International shipping. All orders are shipped within 6-10 business days.
  • Shipment to all other countries in the world (without exceptions) costs $ 15. We use USPS Standard International shipping. All orders are shipped within 6-15 business days.

Step 5. Preparing order after confirmation of sale

Once you get the money for the sticker you sold, go to our website and find it. You can use the unique code of the sticker for an easy search, for example, set in the search «T632».

Select the color in which it is sold and the quantity and click on «add to card», then go to the cart and click «click here to proceed and checkout.

Then fill all the data in order as required step by step:

  1. Step 1: Billing Details. Fill in your personal information in this section and remove the check mark in the section «I also want to ship to this address», to enter the shipping address of the buyer.
  2. Step 2: Shipping Details. Enter the correct shipping address provided by the customer. We will send the sticker to that address.
  3. Step 3: Select the Shipping Method.
  4. Step 4: Order Confirmation. In Partnership Program, in the Code section enter your participant code of the Partnership program (according to the type of sticker you buy), click "Apply" and the sticker price will change into the price for the Partnership program participants.

Then click “Proceed to payment” and you will be transferred to the page where you will be able to pay for the sticker using PayPal. After the payment, you will automatically receive an order confirmation to your email.

After we send the sticker to your customer, we will change the status of your order and give you the tracking number. You can give this tracking number to your customer; so that he will be able track his order.

Make a separate order for every sale.

How to Join Partnership Program?

If you want to join our Partnership Program, use the form below and we will send you the email with special codes, with the help of which you will be able to purchase stickers at the prices set for the Partnership Program participants. The email will content three codes (for each type of the stickers), which change the price for a particular sticker.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us using this form, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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We are looking forward to working with you!